Tax Services

We provide tax accounting services to small businesses and individuals. We have been offering tax services for several years in the Tampa Bay area and nationwide. Our goal is to help taxpayers file accurate tax returns and get the best refund they deserve.

Tax accounting for small businesses is one of our specialties. Small businesses received many advantages from the Internal Revenue Service and are allowed to deduct business expenses in order to lower their taxable income. Our job is to ensure that you have all the deductions the small businesses can be entitled to.

Business owners can often deduct

1Car expenses, car mileage.

2Charity mileage

3Home base expenses, Health insurance etc.

Please keep in mind that tax accounting for businesses and individuals are two different processes, that is the reason why we work accordingly to each case.

We also have been working with individuals. Some individuals may have one or many sources of income, some will receive w2, 1099, both or so many others forms.

At MBC, we strive for the satisfaction of our customers.