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  1. Baltimore oriole

    There are nearly three billion fewer birds in Canada and the United States than there were half a century ago, a new study estimates.

  2. Trump

    The government's intelligence watchdog declined Thursday to discuss the substance of a whistleblower complaint that reportedly concerns President Donald Trump making an unspecified promise to a foreign leader. Trump rejected the report as fake news and "presidential harassment."


    Iran's foreign minister warned Thursday that any attack on his country over a drone-and-missile strike on Saudi Arabia's oil industry will result in "all-out war."

  4. AR-15

    Gun-maker Colt is suspending its production of rifles for the civilian market including the popular AR-15, the company said Thursday in a shift it attributed to changes in consumer demand and a market already saturated with similar weapons.

  5. Tropical Weather Gulf

    The remnants of tropical depression Imelda unleashed torrential rain Thursday in parts of Texas, prompting hundreds of water rescues, a hospital evacuation and at least one death as the powerful storm system drew comparisons to Hurricane Harvey two years ago.