Aliquam Feugiat

Should the child be traveling across borders or even locally for a once-off excursion with a school or organization,

you can use the stand-alone free parental travel consent form.

The purpose of the free temporary guardianship form supplied here is for voluntary and temporary use and does not cover petitions for temporary guardianship or court-appointed guardians.

In this instance, Temporary would mean for a limited time (normally not exceeding 30 days) and Guardian denoting a person lawfully invested with the power to take care of and manage the property and rights of a person (such as a minor).

A temporary guardianship form is ideally used when parents are traveling abroad and are leaving their child in the care of a family member or trusted friend. Another instance may be when the child is going on a field trip or excursion with a school, on a sports trip or on holiday with friends.

Should the trip be across borders it is imperative to issue a parental travel consent form with your temporary guardianship form. Even if the child is traveling with a parent, the legal circumstances may be such that the non-traveling parent may have to sign a parental travel consent form.

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