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An S corporation is simply a Florida corporation that has elected a special tax status. Most Florida businesses elect S corporation status when filing.

S corporation status permits the income of the corporation to be passed through to the shareholders. This results in the shareholders reporting the income or loss from the corporation in their tax returns.

To qualify for S corporation status the corporation must be domestic, have only one class of stock and not have more than 100 stockholders.

What does an S Corporation Include?

Florida S Corporation
  • Corporate Name Search
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Professional Customer Support
  • Expedited Filing

Optional Items
  • Corporate Embosser
  • Stock Certificates and Corporate Seals
  • Certificate of Status
  • EIN Filing
  • Corporate Kit with Bylaws and Minutes
  • Fictitious Name
  • Registered Agent Service
  • Sub S Election Tax Filing

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