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Business Incorporation is a service offered by Martin Business Consulting LLC and it consists of providing quality assistance with incorporating your business.

At MBC we are experts in corporate law with a specialization in LLM and Jurist Doctor. At MBC, we will guide you through each step to complete the business incorporation process.

Our assistance will include a detail explanation of the different types of corporations to help you choose the best suitable for you. We will bring you access to a broad comparison of each type of corporation with their tax advantages so you will be able to make the right choice.

The next step after you choose is to register your business and fictitious name with the department of corporate divisions. The last step will be to provide you with an employer identification number with the IRS.

Whatever is your circumstance, Martin Business Consulting will provide you professional guidance; we pride ourselves in making our clients happy.

Contact us today and let us begin your process.</>